Back Jamon – Pluot Fruit Salad – Patatoille

Back Jamon

Pork Tenderloin – Savory Puree – Grandma D’s and Cajun Spice Rubs

Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Crystals

It’s July 4th and I tried to make all three dishes red white and blue. I served everything all at once so I’ll start with the main course. I roasted spears of pork tenderloin placed perpendicular to mimic a gameboard and rubbed with two different spice mixes to give the color contrast. Placed on a bed of chopped garlic, onions and orange bell pepper and a puree of sweat-down diced onions, five cloves of pressed garlic then a diced tomato at the end. I deglazed the pan with Modern Times Protocosmos IPA, added some EVOO. Couple moments with a stick blender and I had enough puree to cover the bottom of all three pans.

I don’t really play backgammon but it occurred to me that the shape of pork-back (loin) and the spears of the game board had some similarities and if arranged with intent, would be both efficient for cooking, and purposely derivative.

I cranked the oven up to 425 for the meat, and it was done after about 25 minutes – use an instant read stick thermometer to be sure the center is cooked through. 145 for pork.

Red Pluot, White Plum and Blueberry Salad

Feta crumbles – Mint

Luckily the blueberries, pluots and plums were ripe at the market with some nice feta  was an easy riff on a watermelon-mint salad but kept with my theme of red-white-blue. The pluots were pretty ripe and juice, the plums a little tart and firm, but the blueberries went with the feta the best of the three.


Sliced Fingerling Potatoes – Savory PureBackJamonMaine – Sour Cream

Fleur de Sel

A play on ratatouille, I sliced fingerlings and arranged them on mini cast iron pans on top of the same puree under the meat, only this one didn’t get the diced veggies, just the puree. About 45 minutes at 350 did the trick, and I held them until the meat was done.


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