Braised Beef Sammy

Leftovers are the best – they cook quick and a little creativity is all it takes to make it a meal.

Last night we had a chuck roast I braised in a savory liquid comprised of stuff I had in the fridge – vegan worcestershire, real-brewed shoyu and veggie Better Than Bouillon. About two and a half hours of slow cooking in a Dutch oven IN the oven @ 300 resulted in a darn tender and versatile pile of beef. I added some carrots, onions and garlic to the mix and I’m not sorry I did.

Today I wasn’t feeling well, and I almost ordered-in, but I decided I had the energy to make something easy and this fit the bill.

First I shredded the leftover meat with my fingers. I put a pat of butter in the bottom of a shallow saute pan and slowly cooked the beef with some of the gravy from last night. I melted some cheese on the bread in the oven and waited for the beef to start to brown on the edges. I considered just blasting it with BBQ sauce, a simple and tasty option, but instead I used just a squirt at the end as a condiment and let the braised beef have all the glory.


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