Easy Slow Cooker Pork

Damn if this isn’t easy. Pork tenderloin was on sale, and I’m cheap, so that worked out well. Pork tenderloin is known for being lean and tasty, so when you see it marked-down, and not expired, there is a lot to be done with it. I felt like reading, not tending a stove-top, especially since we just moved into a place with an induction-range, so I put this one together and let it simmer in the cooker while I powered through the middle half of Pynchon’s Vineland.

I cut the tenderloin into fourths, in part to make it cook faster and in part because I have one of the world’s smallest slow cookers. I sliced a half an onion and put it at the bottom while it warmed-up, then put the quartered ‘loin on top while I made the sauce.

  • squirt of tomato paste
  • double-squirt of whole grain mustard
  • ~1/3 cup shoyu
  • squirt of honey
  • tsp of Better than Bouillon – chicken

Mix and pour the sauce on top of the loin pieces and stir to coat. I set it to high and it took about three hours. The low setting would likely have made a better product, but I wanted dinner tonight and started the project around 1:30, if I’d started it in the early AM I guess I could have set it to low – but whatever, turned out great. Falling-apart tender, with a bit of chew still left.

I peeled and large-diced the potatoes, put them in boiling water when the meat was done, added butter and some milk and that was all that took. Sure I could have done garlic and all that nonsense, but I was pretty sure the meat would be pretty rich and a little salty, so I kept the starch plain and simple.

Once the meat was fork-tender I turned off the slow cooker and when everything else was done, removed the meat to a cutting board and covered it. About a tsp of corn starch and an immersion blender turned the left-over liquid in the cooker into gravy, which easily carried the dish. I considered staining it, but those chunks of errant meat had done no wrong, and only served to thicken the gravy.

Pepper cracked on top, gravy over both elements – dinner is served!


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